Thursday, July 15, 2010

Haruki Murakami Quote

“If you only read the books everyone else is reading, you only think the thoughts everyone else is thinking.”

Haruki Murakami

It's hard for me to buy a book I've heard nothing about. Most of the books I buy, I do an extensive search on them, reading lots of reviews, judging by the stars. This is also why most of the books I put up and read I love. But next time I go to a bookstore, I will buy a book I've never heard of, and discover a new author.


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  2. I found you through the hop! That's very brave of you! I find it easier to get books that I've never heard of from the library, since I don't like to rist not liking it after spending money on it. Oh, I follow now!

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  4. I'm like you, I read reviews and re-search the books I buy ('cause I live outside the US and shipping is a big dent on my finances) so it's hard for me to venture with new authors - I wasn't very lucky with a few of my recent purchases) - but I admire your bravery in discovering something new.

    Best of luck!


  5. "That’s why I read them. If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking. That’s the world of hicks and slobs. Real people would be ashamed of themselves doing that.“
    (it's one of my favorite quote from norwegian wood, one of the best book I read in the last 15 years).
    If you don't know her I would recommend a british author Sarra Manning, she is relatively unknown and really really good

  6. Thanks, I definitely check her out :)