Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Love all of Ellen Hopkins books, another one of my favorite authors. Fallout comes out September 14th!

“Forever has no meaning when you’re living in the moment. I wasn’t ready for that moment to end.”

Ellen Hopkins


  1. Stopping by to say hello and check out your blog via the hop.

    I love meeting fellow book bloggers!


    And the plot thickens...

  2. Hopping in from the Book Blogger Hop! =))

    I havent read those books, heard of them though =) need to check it out!

    Im anew follower! =)

    Have a great weekend!


  3. Hopping over via Hop! LOvely blog you have here! Sure to stop over some other time too!
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    Lisa (Badass Bookie)xx

  4. Hopping through. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I haven't read any of Ellen Hopkins books but I recognize the covers. I should check them out.

  5. Hi! I found your blog through the Hop and I'm really glad I did because it's great :). I'm your latest follower so I'm sure I'll be back soon!
    LOVE Ellen Hopkins :).
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    Carly x.

  6. Caught you through the Hop! I'm now following and I've added you to my Book Blogs List.

    Hope you can hop over my way too ;)

    Care to venture into The Wolf's Den?

  7. I've heard her speak. What a tragic story about her daughter.

  8. I found you on the hop and became a follower.
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  9. I'm stopping by to invite you to come check out my new and improved blog page, and hopefully follow as well! I'm starting all over again, and would love to see my old friends following my new page, and new friends, too!

    Crazy Cat Lady

  10. I've read Crank and I really need to read the next one! I loved her style!