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VA fans - Last Sacrifice, Ch 1 - Behind Bars

Last Sacrifice - The sixth and final book to the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead. This book comes out Dec. 7th, but for those who can't wait any longer, enjoy chapter 1. And please comment if you read this.

After Abe left the rest of the day seemed to pass by in some sort of haze. I didn't know how long ago the hearing was, or why all of this was happening to me.

Abe's words seemed to keep echoing off the empty cell walls, haunting me every moment of my miserable time in here. 'They execute traitors.' I could die; they could kill me. I had faced what I was certain would be my death plenty of times, luckily always escaping the brink and continuing to live, but I didn't see a way out of this. Out of all the ways I could have died, I never would have imagined this. To die a traitors death for something I didn't do? It was insane.

Did I have a sign on my forehead that said 'I'm Rose Hathaway, my life will never be my own and no matter how good my intentions may seem, someone or something is always out to get me. Please, take a shot yourself.'

I knew that in my eighteen years I had made a lot of enemies, and up until recently I thought Victor was my worst enemy, but here lately it seemed like I was making more enemies then I was friends. The person that was setting me up now had to be my worst enemy, and the truth was anyone could have done it. There were plenty of people that could have wanted the queen dead, and I made for an easy person to frame. The way I made a scene in public, always standing up to her when I thought others were too afraid to, had all been for something, but now they seemed to be coming back and biting me on the ass.

I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I jumped when I heard the door leading down to the cells being slammed. I sat straight up on my bed, looking to see who the new arrival was.
My breath caught as I saw Dimitri walking down the hall, his beautiful face nearly enough to brighten my day, nearly. He was only being followed by two guardians, who stopped a few cells down from mine. The guardians standing guard at my cell looked surprised to see him, but they didn't question it.

I was surprised to see him, so much so that I didn't speak until he was standing in front of my cell, his eyes searching my face, drinking me in.

"Hey," I said softly, not knowing what else to say.

"Can we have a moment?" Dimitri asked the guardians outside my cells, they exchanged looks and finally nodded. I recognized the look they exchanged, the look on their faces as the moved down the hall, just out of earshot but close enough to monitor my actions, pity. They pitied me, because they knew I was innocent or because they saw me pleading with Dimitri earlier, our situations reversed, I didn't know, but either way I was grateful for the privacy.

"Roza." His brown eyes softened as he spoke my nickname aloud, and I allowed myself to feel a sudden burst of warmth at his words.

"How did you get in here?"

"I had a friend or two working that was willing to help me out." Just like Mikhail he had friends among the guardians. No matter past actions, our kind helped each other, we had to in a world like this

"I needed to see you." Him being here, down in the cells visiting me after taking out so many guardians just so they couldn't get to me, spoke volumes of his love for me.

"I didn't do it."

"I know," he said softly, his accent a lovely one that I had missed so, so much. He had said it before, he knew my character. He knew what, and who, I was capable of killing: the undead. I would never kill another Morio or Dhampir, their lives were too precious. He knew me. He didn't offer any blank words to make me feel better or comfort me, and I almost wished he did, but him being here was enough.

The note in my pocket seemed burn, reminding me of it's presence. I needed to help Lissa, but could it wait until after the trial, which could take weeks, or even months? I knew the answer immediately. They come first. It was our mantra, and Lissa had always, and would always, be the first priority in my life. This cell was just an obstacle, one that would be difficult to overcome, but not impossible. Tatiana herself had told me not to waste any time fulfilling this, I had to get out of here.

I looked at Dimitri, the person I used to trust with everything. Could I trust him again? That answer came immediately too, of course I could, but would I be selfish enough to involve him and damage everything he was trying to work for again?

Of course I would.

"Dimitri?" I asked warily, "do you still love me?"

He was silent for several moments, his eyes burning into mine. "I would do anything to protect you," he said, avoiding my question.

That was all I needed, I reached into my pocket and pulled out the note. I looked down the hall, making sure the guardians weren't watching us, luckily they were respecting my privacy still, so I handed the note to Dimitri.

It is a secret you must share with as few as possible. I idly wondered if Tatiana would respect the person I was deciding to share this secret with, and suddenly wished that she had told me specifically what to do. Or at least wrote down who killed her so it would make my job easier.
Dimitri silently read the note, his grim expression changing to one of wonder. "She is helping you from her grave," he breathed, in total awe of the dead queen.

"I need you to help me," I hissed as Dimitri handed me my note back.

"I will." He didn't hesitate.

"No matter how stupid and reckless it may seem?"

This time he did hesitate and I spoke again before he had the chance to answer. "You owe me this."

I hated using that card. This Dimitri didn't owe me anything, except maybe an apology for the horrible words that day in the church, but the Strigoi Dimitri owed me a lot. Everything. Still this Dimitri couldn't forgive himself, so he would pay the debt for the Strigoi Dimitri. I knew it.

"No matter how stupid and reckless," he agreed, but his eyes looked weary.

I looked around, before I leaned into the bars. Dimitri leaned in closer too and I placed my lips just above his ear. "Get me the fuck out of here."


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