Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Candy by Kevin Brooks

Candy by Kevin Brooks is an entertaining book to read, it keeps you wondering what Joe Beck's, the main character, next move will be. Joe lives in a nice neighborhood near London with his dad and sister and although he has a few problems with his father and mother, this doesn't seem to bother him much. Basically, Joe is like any other regular adolescent. He plays guitar in a band called the Katies and is very talented with music. When he meets this beautiful girl, Candy, everything else doesn't seem to matter but her. It's a scary thought, Joe lets everything around him not matter as much as Candy. After meeting Candy, he really changes. Candy is a young girl with various problems involving drugs and prostitution hence, causing problems for Joe. Of course Joe doesn't see these problems himself, all he cares about is protecting Candy, but the problems keep on piling up.

Kevin Brooks keeps you anticipating in certain scenes where there might be confrontation. This book kept me reading longer in order to find out what's going to happen. In one of the many scenes that kept me reading was when Joe is confronted by Candy's pimp, Iggy. Iggy is a violent man who doesn't care about hurting anyone. Joe risks his life when he enters this area in hope of seeing Candy again, but later Joe finds himself right in front of Iggy. Joe is defenseless against Iggy but fortunately for Joe, Candy helps him escape. Both Candy and Joe care for each other and although Candy is a prostitute, she acts totally different with him. No one seems to realize this and tell Joe he needs to leave her alone, but Joe is convinced he can help her in some way and continues to get in deeper trouble. I like the way the author ends the story, it sure isn't a happy ever after ending, but with all the intense situations Joe gets involved with, it's a satisfactory conclusion.

4.5 stars!


  1. This book kept me on edge the entire time I was reading it. Kevin Brooks has a way of doing that. I am slowly making my way through his catalog of books. Lucas is one of my favorites and Black Rabbit Summer left me so disoriented (just like the main character) that it deserves a reread so I can picked up on everything that I missed.

  2. Ah Lucas was my first and favorite book by Kevin Brooks. The ending I didn't see coming at all.
    I'll have to pick up BRS, heard other good things about it too, thanks.

  3. I really love this book! I have also read Lucas which was awesome too! I love Kevin's way of expressing emotions, he also kept me thinking about drugs, and being an outsider and so on, his books are just amazing! :)