Saturday, November 20, 2010

I find it offensive.

In almost every book I have ever read (I’ve read a lot) it has always been the girl who screws everything up. Like in this one I’m reading.. Torment by Lauren Kate. I love her books. I love this author. Nothing against either. I mean, if your boyfriend (who is an angel. Named Daniel♥.) tells you to stay where you are because it’s safe and he’s always protected you.. you should be smart and listen to him right? But no, she’s gotta go and be all “My life is my own” and not listen. Gah.
I’m at the part where she’s tricked into going some place so an Outcast (worst kind of angel) can kill her, then someone saves her by killing that angel saying there’s more of them around that area. Well. She wants to go on a yacht trip, knowing she’ll be going back to that place with more Outcasts. When Daniel told her not to. Hello?! Brains. Do you not have a brain? Do you want to get killed?
Or like in Alyson Noel’s Immortal Series. I love Alyson. I love that series. Again, nothing against either. **warning: I don’t think you should read this last part if you have not read all of the books currently out because it will contain spoilers.** If Ever(main character) just did what Roman(bad guy) wanted, she could’ve been with the love of her life: Damen. But no, she had to be all “I don’t want to with Roman it’s wrong!” I know it’s wrong, but would you rather not be able to touch your boyfriend at all? If you two touch fingers or have any contact, Damen dies. Do what Roman wants -> get the antidote -> you being able to hug or do whatever with Damen. Of course Jude(guy who likes Ever) had to go and kill Roman when you were about to do what Roman wanted but then pushed him off. So Roman is dead. The antidote is forever gone because it was in his pocket and Jude smashed the bottle.


  1. LOL, I am with you that stuff drives me crazy. Just like in the movie..

  2. That's the trend right now. I don't know why this is so, because it drives a lot of readers crazy. But there it is.

  3. As much as I hate the "damsel in distress" types of girl characters, and their lack of brains, I do still like that they make their own decisions - even if they're the wrong ones. I would be more upset if they were ridiculously complacent and listened to the guy EVERY time.

  4. I have read the first books in both of the series you talked about above... I didn't like either because of what you mentioned. :( But I've also read plenty of great books that have strong female girl characters who don't screw everything up!

  5. rotfl!
    Gosh, I haven't read the Immortals series but it's in my wishlist and I have already picked up Torment.. I just need more time to read it! lol

  6. ha! really just ha! That was a thoroughly entertaining rant, I've had a few of those myself after and whilst reading a book. heh, it really is annoying when the heroine seems to have misplace her brain. Although I do like that the heroine can make her own opinion, instead of letting a guy make it for her but perhaps they could discuss things more, you know compromise or something. I only read some of the first novel by lauren kate, personally couldn't get into it, and only two of the ever series, num two was a disappointment to say the least.. which sucks cause i love all of alysons other novels..

    Jess :)