Saturday, August 21, 2010

Three for the price of One

I shared this morning that I was to spend my day inside a book store. Well, it happened but not actually the whole day which was my original plan. My mom told me that we would be attending a thanks giving party from one of my mom’s close friends and so I had to adjust.
Anyway, when I arrived at the mall, I immediately went to National Bookstore because they were having this HUGE SALE. Yes dude, H-U-G-E. The books are up to 75% less. I found some books but then the prices were still too much for the budget I have. I only had 200 and I wanted to have atleast 3 new books. So, I was just drooling over Palahniuk’s, Albom’s and Coelho’s. Pity me, yes. I wasn’t able to save enough for this weekend. Ugh.

Then I decided to visit Booksale. The books they sell may look old and worn out but somewhere along those shelves I believe, are books which you would never even believe they would sell. And so I patiently scanned, read the synopsis, placed the book back and looked for more interesting plots.
In the end, I found three worthy books at their cheapest prices.

  • Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
  • The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

All these books for just $1.50
That’s why I went home with that BIG SMILE on my face. :D


  1. I hope you enjoy Dorian Gray! I absolutely love Oscar Wilde's works. :]

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  4. Nice to find a teenager who enjoy reading a good book!