Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dr. Seuss

I don’t care how childish is it, Green Eggs and Ham is ALWAYS going to be one of my favorite books. I know it by heart.

I don’t like green eggs and ham, I don’t like that Sam I am.
I don’t like them here or there, I don’t like them anywhere.
I do not like them in a house, I do not like them with a mouse.
Not in a box, not with a fox.

Gosh, this book is amazing. Coolest children story to ever exist.


  1. I have pictures of my husband reading this book to both of my newborn children. The first time he read it was to my son, Sam in the neonatal intensive care unit.(NICU) He's on my hubby's shoulder as he reads, sound asleep. Sam was six weeks early, but went home after six days in the hospital. He read it often to Sam until he could read it himself. BTW he hates to be called Sam I am.

    The next time, my son Jakob was born 8 weeks early and spent a month in the NICU. I have almost the same exact picture with a few more wires and the same shirt with hubby reading the story to him. To this day, he's ten, he won't let me pack up the Dr. Seuss books. He has to read them over and over because he loves them so much.

    So, after that long story, I agree, Green Eggs and Ham is one of the best books ever, though my husband might fight you and say Horton Hears A Who is better. Still a Great Book and a Great Imagination!

  2. I just found your blog and I just wanted to say I'm really loving it!
    I was a bit cheeky and bought this book for my boyfriends 24th birthday this past June because he kept coming back home from work (HMV!!) citing the bloody thing, and I'd never read it so he sat down and read it to me and really it's a great kids book!