Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hero by Perry Moore

Synopsis: Thom Creed is coming to terms with his sexual orientation, basketball star Thom Creed is trying to figure out exactly what his untrained superpowers can do. In an attempt to break away from his seemingly non-understanding father (an ex-hero with something to hide) and homophobic community, Thom runs away, only to find himself in the middle of a multi-hero rescue operation. Using his ability to heal, he keeps an injured woman alive until the League superheroes arrive and impresses them enough to get an invitation to try out for a hero apprentice position. Thom is teamed with an old woman who can see into the future, a spiteful girl who unleashes her power through fire, a sickly boy who is able to inflict disease on anyone, and a demoted hero with insane speed. With superheroes dying in mysterious circumstances, Thom is forced to admit publicly that he is gay in order to prevent a miscarriage of justice, but finds himself cast out of the League. He organizes his ragtag team to figure out what is really going on and to fight society's prejudices as well as the criminal element of the town.

From the start I heard many good things about this book, so when I had a chance to read it myself I was amazed, awed and definetly inspired by the main character Thom. He finds himself at a cross road in his life where he's not sure who he is. Mr. Moore has created a believable character, one who finds courage within and learns to be a hero that anyone no matter what orientation or age can look up to. Highly recommended and loved. I cannot wait for the sequels.
4.5 Stars!


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